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Imagine Properties Limited

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Construction companies have requirements that set them apart from other types of businesses, such as the initial steps of making an estimate, examining labor and materials costs, and converting that information into a quote or contract document. Once approved, materials must be purchased, and labor must be sourced. One must also account for project managers communicating with corporate executives, or with those out in the field, depending on the size of the organization. Imagine Properties now seamlessly can overlook all the projects in one look in NetSuite which enables faster decision-making process to the changes.

The project management capabilities of NetSuite enable construction companies to track progress, manage resources, and execute projects on schedule and within budget. Imagine Properties Ltd can make informed judgments and respond promptly to any difficulties that arise with real-time visibility into project progress.

Imagine Properties strives to keep meeting the industrial needs for both residential and commercial buildings, giving our clients the best deals priced reasonably and delivered strictly within the allocated time. Imagine Properties believes in designing and executing aesthetically designed, functionally efficient residential and commercial complexes of international quality with a single aim to offer "value for money".

Then there is the matter of the job itself, including tracking costs and project timelines, communicating results to clients, resolving problems, creating change orders, and deciding whether to absorb additional costs. Then come the quality checks and sending invoices to clients. Finally, the accounting department needs all of this information when the job is ultimately completed. The process is extremely complex, with variability throughout.

The ability to provide real-time visibility into all elements of the business is one of the main advantages of using NetSuite in the construction industry. It enables construction firms to make well-informed decisions and respond rapidly to changing market conditions.

The synchronized approach of NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP platform enables smooth, scalable integration across all aspects of your business while lowering the cost of your IT infrastructure. Employing NetSuite throughout the company's business helps build credibility and confidence with clients, vendors, and partners. NetSuite delivers peace of mind and dependability, allowing construction companies to focus on what they do best: build and expand.



Imagine Properties Limited


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