Delcot Limited

Delcot Limited

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Before moving to NetSuite, Delcot was dealing with challenges and in need of more standardized business processes. The company also wanted to be able to streamline and simplify its billing schedules, and installment billing processes.

Wanting a software platform that could grow with its operations and help meet its customers’ demands, mobilized its finance, procurement and logistics teams to evaluate potential technology platforms. The process took about three months, with NetSuite emerging as the clear winner to help the company overcome its current technology challenges and prepare for future growth.

Delcot is a private family owned and operated business, with experience in trade and infrastructure projects in Bangladesh since 1976.

The top reasons Delcot selected NetSuite included the platform’s scalability, the complete suite of products that the vendor was offering (e.g. billing, logistics and procurement) and the available integration.

With NetSuite Delcot gain a complete view of their operation from end-to-end in a single, easy-to-use platform. It's designed to provide solutions for any configuration, including factories, warehouses, offices, and numerous locations or just one. With enhanced visibility, Delcot can access all of the data they need at any time to make fast, accurate decisions.

NetSuite gives firms real-time financial visibility, helping them to make informed decisions and drive growth. The system provides an in-depth analysis of financial performance, including cash flow, revenue, and expenses. This enables firms to make data-driven decisions and improve their financial results.



Delcot Limited


Dhaka, Bangladesh


Distribution, Production


200 to 250

Number of Countries


Number of Subsidiaries


Applications Replaced


NetSuite Modules Deployed

Advance Financial
Inventory Management
NetSuite Procurement
Project Management
Incentive compensation for NetSuite
Demand planning mid-market cloud service
Fixed asset
NetSuiteMfg WIP and routings
NetSuite One Worlds
Mfg work orders and assemblies mid-market cloud service

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