Wholesale Distribution

The supply chain management industry is undergoing fast innovation, and distributors must change to be competitive. We facilitate predictive supply chain analytics, enhance customer connections, and expedite warehouse operations.

Retail & E-commerce

As customer expectations rise, we assist retailers in exceeding them by assisting them in becoming seamless, customer-focused, omni-channel companies that can expand into new markets and channels.

Real Estate

Real estate businesses can increase decision-making processes, increase efficiency, and streamline operations with the aid of NetSuite. Enhanced portfolio visibility, optimized workflows, and centralized data management are beneficial for real estate firms.

Financial Services

Tangram assists a wide range of financial companies in implementing NetSuite, thanks to our extensive knowledge of the industry. Our team of consultants can assist with setting up your ERP for the future, from special, pre-packaged factoring solutions to standard NetSuite functionality like General Ledger setup.


Global manufacturing operations are rapidly becoming more automated. To stay competitive, we support efforts to enhance data capture for real-time scheduling and planning as well as machine-driven exception handling.

Food & Beverage

Collectively, agricultural, food, and beverage companies can modernize their systems and procedures to gain real-time visibility into their value chain, maximize profits, and respond quickly to demand fluctuations.